Platform Construction - Easy drum platform based on a basic 5 piece kit:

Before You Start you will need:

Step 1

* Cut your 4X8 sheet into 2 sections. For each section cut off 16 inches (refer to the dotted line below).

Hint: Typically you can get your plywood cut for free or for a nominal fee at the place you purchased it if you do not have the proper tools.

Step 2

* Place the pieces you cut off, and place them as shown below. Now cut 16 inches off as shown at the dotted line.

Step 3

Although it is optional, we strongly suggest that you paint your 5' 4" square platform. Use a black epoxy or melamine paint on your plywood along with a sealant. Once this is dry use 4 luggage clamps to hold your platform together as shown on the diagram below (clamps come in different styles and colours and can be purchased at any hardware store).

Step 4

Once your platform is dry, set up your kit as usual on your drum platform.

Step 5

Place the PoleCat base with the sleeve insert directly under each of your stands at the centre of your tripod legs; including your snare.
Note: Try and replace or adjust any boom arms to straight stands. No legs means you can now move stands directly next to the bass drum etc.

Step 6

Once each PoleCat module has been screwed into your platform, remove the set screw at the base of each stand which will allow you to remove the tripod legs.

Step 7

Now that the tripod legs are removed, insert each legless stand into the PoleCat module and hand tighten the wing bolt to secure. DO NOT over tighten the wing bolt. The sleeve to the base on the Pole-Cat will ensure a snug fit.